This page lists some of the most popular products that Flight Display Systems manufactured for the avionics industry, including:

  • Moving Map, various models of FD200CPU
  • Bulkhead LCD Monitors, various models
  • Cockpit LCD Monitors, including FD90AID
  • Aircraft DVD Player, including FD932DVD

Please note: These products are manufactured today by FDS Avionics Corp. For technical support information, see our Contact Information page.

Moving Map

Part NumberDescription
FD200CPUFlight Display Moving Map
FD200CPU-4Flight Display Moving Map
FD200CPU-8Flight Display Moving Map with ARINC 429

In-flight Entertainment Equipment

Part NumberDescription
FD600CAMIn-flight Camera
FD600CAM-2In-flight Camera, High resolution
FD900X3Wireless Audio Transmitter
DAPS321Distribution amplifier (audio / video)
DAPS350Distribution amplifier (VGA video)
DAPS440Distribution amplifier

Military and Special Mission

Part NumberDescription
FD215CV-C21.5″ HD-SDI Rack Mount Display
FD90AID5″ Cockpit Panel LCD (“The Flipper”)
FD104CV-C-110.4″ Arm Mount LCD
FD151CV-C-HT15″ LCD on Arm Mount
FD201CV-C-120″ LCD on Rack Mount
FD270AID5″ Flipper Cockpit LCD

Cabin Management Systems

To be continued. Parts list will be added later.