Technical Support

Call +1-678-208-3087 or email Jonathan Pinson at [email protected] for technical support inquires about your Flight Display Systems products, including those manufactured by MILIC.

Other Contact Information

David Gray was the Founder of Flight Display Systems.

Jonathan Pinson is the General Manager of Airtext and provides technical support for a variety of avionics products.

  • You can call him directly for technical and sales support at +1-678-208-3087.

See Jonathan’s LinkedIn profile here. It references his time at Flight Display Systems. He had many roles there, including as a Systems Engineer responsible for the Moving Map Flight Display System which was installed on many private jets.

To contact FDS Avionics Corp., the owner of products previously produced by Flight Display Systems, please consult with your dealer or salesperson. This website is not affiliated, endorsed, or supported by that company.